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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama's Economic Master Plan

Finally! It's taken over two years, but President Obama has come up with failsafe plan to create jobs and fix the unemployment epidemic in our nation. Here it is:

Obama Tells Companies to 'Step Up' and Hire Workers

Why does this not surprise me? Instead of creating tax incentives for investment, which will naturally create jobs in the free market system as businesses and individuals invest money into the market, we just tell the businesses they need to hire workers.

This is the liberal mentality though. In order to change behavior, we "pass a law", telling people that they have to behave in a certain way.

The sad thing is that President Obama must understand this, because he has done absoultely nothing to fix the prices at the gas pump.

When gas prices were at record highs in 2008, President Bush simply lifted the ban on offshore drilling, and gas prices plummeted to prices that I hadn't seen since I was filling up in high school. The members of OPEC aren't stupid -- They know the U.S. is the biggest consumer of oil. They limit production to keep prices high, but when the U.S. threatens to drill at home, they say, "Oh, no, no, no... You don't want to do that. We'll drop the prices. See how low they are now! No need to drill! Save your environment!"

President Obama could lift drilling bans, but he wants the prices to be high. In fact, as President, he has canceled oil leases and increased the number of drilling bans. He wants high prices! If gas prices are high, we naturally drive less, and we purchase more hybrid vehicles. The government even gives us tax benefits for purchasing a hybrid vehicle!

(Please someone, anyone, explain to me the logic of how a tax incentive for purchasing a hybrid vehicle will lead more people to buy hybrid vehicles, but somehow at the same time a tax hike on businesses will somehow not lead to a decrease in jobs?)

President Obama does understand natural markets, but he uses them only as it benefits his agenda. When asked about the high gas prices, his master plan was:

"If you're complaining about the price of gas and you're only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know, you might want to think about a trade-in."

In other words, he is telling us to 'step up' and buy hybrid vehicles. That's good though, right? Less pollution, and we save the earth from global warming!

The only problem is that he can't control the natural consequences of his manipulation in the market. Semi-trucks and trains don't run on batteries unfortunately, so increased gas prices means increased food costs as the shipping companies need to charge more to keep up with gas prices. And suddenly, the lower class sees their food bill go from $500/month to $700/month as the price of everything naturally goes up.

President Obama will have to pass a law in order to get companies to hire workers, because he is certainly creating no incentives in the natural market. He knows that a tax cut on capital gains would spur investment and create all the jobs we need, but he refuses to cut taxes because that is what the Republicans want him to do.

I'm afraid that we will just have to get used to 10% unemployment and $5/gallon gas as we have a President who is apparently content with those numbers... that is, until November 2012.