We must vote for those candidates of any party that reflect these values: hard work, self-determination, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and honesty. Look to the character of anyone you chose to support. Their past does matter if they haven't learned from it. Their personal life is as relevant as their public one. We must be able to trust those who will be advising and leading us on what our country must do next. -Glenn Beck

Friday, November 20, 2009

Need Help Today!!!

This is from my sister-in-law. I encourage everyone to please read it and make some phone calls.

Hello Friends,

The Senate is trying to pass, on a weekend so there is less press coverage - the 2,000 page health care bill, that they haven't even had time to read fully, TOMORROW. So I'm sending the link below with a plea to you, to call both your senator's office and Harry Reid's office today - phone calls do matter even if your senator already doesn't support the health care bill. Plus you can send information to anyone you know, especially anyone in Nevada and any of the blue dog democrat states. I talked with my Senator's office yesterday and they said the only thing we can do at this point is call - and spread the word so that others call. So I'm doing it - the prospect of this passing is frightening.

Here's a link to show all the added taxes - frightening stuff even if we aren't considering the way the quality of health care will decline and the socialistic nature of this bill!


There is no excuse for not doing something if you believe it's wrong. Please call.



To find your US senator and contact info:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You... Unless You're a Democrat

In local Utah news, a mayor was voted out of office this week. A few days before the election, this mayor had fired a police officer for giving his son a ticket for driving without a license. The question is: Had it been anyone other than his son, would he have acted the same way? (I guess the public thought not.)

The past year since the presidential election has been an eye-opening experience. For example, what if George W. Bush had talked about the amount of lives he saved that would have been lost had his policies not been in place during Hurricane Katrina? He would have been ridiculed.

Yet Pres. Obama continues to cite jobs that he's saved that would have been lost had it not been for the stimulus, and where is the uproar from the Democrats as jobs continue to be lost in droves?

Democrats were in an uproar about Bush golfing while troops were dying in Iraq. (He decided to give up golf for that very reason.) Yet they are silent as we find out that Pres. Obama has already played more rounds of golf in 9 months than Pres. Bush did in his entire presidency. Troops are still dying, and our economy is crumbling. Where are the protests?

In fact, August was the deadliest month for troops in Afghanistan. Barack Obama could have pulled all of the troops out of Afghanistan. Where is the uproar?

(I actually gained a little bit of respect for Cindy Sheehan as she protested Barack Obama for vacationing in Martha's vineyard. Unfortunately, there was no support from fellow Democrats (or the "unbiased" media.))

If it's Democrats protesting, then they're exercising their rights to free speech. If it's Republicans protesting, it's a bunch of crazy, mind-numb kooks that should be ignored. Ever notice how you never hear of Republicans trashing Democrats for protesting? We understand it's an important right.

Any liberals reading need to be honest with themselves. Let's say that a story broke tomorrow that said:

"Pres. George W. Bush Accused of Conspiring to Hide Evidence in Afghanistan Deaths"

Now what if the story instead said:

"Pres. Barack Obama Accused of Conspiring to Hide Evidence in Afghanistan Deaths"

If how you react to the story depends on who the story is about, there is something wrong. A principled person would react the same regardless of who the story was about.

Democrats' opinions are based on what is politically expedient at the time. That is why they haven't passed health care reform. If Democrats truly believed that universal health care was a right of every American, they would simply pass the bill based on principle. They have the majority -- There is nothing that the Republicans could do to stop the bill from being passed. But Democrats are scared, because the vote they thought would make them popular with the masses is turning out to be extremely controversial.. but they now have to pursue the bill because they can't afford the implications of a political loss this early in Barack Obama's presidency.

When Pres. George W. Bush sent our troops to war, Republicans supported him. (So did Democrats... until it was no longer politically expedient.) When Pres. Bush passed his tax cuts, Republicans supported him.

But when George W. Bush supported the McCain / Kennedy immigration bill, Republicans protested and fought against the bill. When he wanted to bail out the banking industry, Republicans protested and fought hard against the bill.

For Republicans, it truly doesn't matter who presents the idea. If Barack Obama were to announce tomorrow that he was slashing the capital gains tax in order to stimulate investment, Republicans around the country would cheer and support him.

This is all generally speaking, obviously. I'm sure there are principled Democrats and unprincipled Republicans. But I believe the last year has been telling.

Any other examples come to mind?