We must vote for those candidates of any party that reflect these values: hard work, self-determination, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and honesty. Look to the character of anyone you chose to support. Their past does matter if they haven't learned from it. Their personal life is as relevant as their public one. We must be able to trust those who will be advising and leading us on what our country must do next. -Glenn Beck

Friday, August 13, 2010

Told You So

To any who may have doubted everything the conservatives were saying prior to the 2008 election about President Obama, we are now a little over 1 1/2 years into the Obama presidency. How is everything going? Unfortunately, you know it must be really bad when even the media and fellow Democrats are starting to publicly turn on and distance themselves from Pres. Obama (which I honestly thought would never happen.)

I thought the following article made a lot of good points:

10 Key Reasons Why the Obama Presidency is in Meltdown

Whether it's the Bailouts, the Economy, the War on Terror, Health Care or the myriad of other issues we have addressed, Obama has unfortunately proven us right in every respect.

And so, it is with great regret, the conservatives of the world say, "We told you so."