We must vote for those candidates of any party that reflect these values: hard work, self-determination, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and honesty. Look to the character of anyone you chose to support. Their past does matter if they haven't learned from it. Their personal life is as relevant as their public one. We must be able to trust those who will be advising and leading us on what our country must do next. -Glenn Beck

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Democrats '05 vs. Democrats '10

What is the right thing to do in any given situation? If you're a Democratic senator, the answer to that would depend on what year it is. Here are a string of clips of trashing the "nuclear option" that Republicans were considering using in 2005 because the Democrats were set to filibuster Pres. Bush's judicial nominees. (They didn't end up using it.) Listen to their comments, understanding that this is the same process they plan to use to pass Pres. Obama's Health Care Bill now.

Dems '05 vs. Dems '10

(I'm sure this will be the headlining story on CNN tonight...)

If I were a Democratic supporter, this hyprocrisy from my elected leaders would really bother me. But I suppose it's like the fighters from the local air force base flying over -- If you're exposed to it enough, you become less and less sensitive to it, and soon you don't even take notice when it happens.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Do Conservatives Stand For?

(A Must-Listen)

I haven't heard conservative values articulated as well as they were by George Will at the CPAC convention on Thursday. This is what we stand for.

The speech is about 30 minutes, but well worth the time. Give it a listen, and post your thoughts.

(Thanks to my dad for pointing this speech out.)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama's Version of Bipartisanship

Wait... I thought the plan was to meet with Republicans and look for a bipartisan solution, keeping in mind that one side can't only get what we want with no compromise (because it doesn't work that way in his marriage with Michelle)... I guess this is Pres. Obama's version of "bipartisanship."

Obama to spell out new healthcare plan

Monday, February 15, 2010

Truth & Climate Change

In case there were any doubts about the veracity of climate change:

The Great Climate Change Retreat

This is coming from a brilliant scientist... or you could have just asked my little nieces and nephew who were sledding in DALLAS, TEXAS over the weekend!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Case In Point

Not 24 hours after the last post, and we see this...

Senate Dems Ax Bipartisan 'Jobs Bill'

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I read a couple of headlines on the Drudge Report today that struck me. The first:

Obama admin wants to track cell phones

If George W. Bush had said he supported using cell phones to track U.S. citizens, there would have been an absolute uproar from the left. The Obama administration says in the article that there is no "reasonable expectation of privacy" when using a cell phone. By using cell phone logs, law enforcement track individual information that can be useful for security. And... how is this different from the Patriot Act that the left was so violently opposed to?

I think using cell phones to prevent and solve crimes is a great idea. Just like I think using the same means to prevent terrorism is a great idea. I support this just like I support the Patriot Act. So I suppose we'll be hearing a barrage of violent opposition to this from the left now as well... right?

The second article was:

Obama open to tax hikes on middle class

Ummmm... Didn't Obama promise approximately 6,042 times during the campaign that those making less than $250,000 per year wouldn't see there taxes go up by "a single dime"? So why is he now open to the idea? (Oh, that's right... "C'mon -- Every president breaks their promises.") His rationale is that he doesn't want to leave any options off the table. So the option of breaking one of his main campaign promises is fair game.

I'm sure we'll see an uproar from the left about Obama being a liar and an expose from CNN about how the option of raising taxes on the middle class will affect "Main Street"... right? I've already mentioned in an earlier post how George Bush Sr.'s broken promise was his downfall with the Republicans. We expect people to keep their promises.


It has been interesting to see how the left has reacted after seeing the bombshell of a Republican senator being elected in one of the most liberal-leaning states in the U.S.. They are nothing, if not sly.

The President is now taking every opportunity to publicly meet with Republicans in a "bipartisan" manner to discuss all of the important issues. This begs the question: Why start now? Why were the Democrats locking the Republicans out of the health care debate and hiding the bill less than two months ago, and now they're having big meetings together to discuss how they can get health care done (and conveniently inviting the cameras in?) When behavior changes so drastically, you can guarantee that a Democratic Strategist is at work behind the scenes.

The strategy now is to make the Republicans appear to be playing partisan politics. The Obama administration has been working hard to equate a vote against Universal Health Care to be a vote against Democrats, when in reality, it's simply a vote against a bad idea.

If the Obama administration came out and said they were going to repeal the stimulus package which is very obviously not working to create jobs, and instead to cut taxes on employers, you would see most if not all Republicans voting for the package. If the Obama administration reformed health care to trim the fat and create competition in the private sector, you would see Republicans cheering the bill.

In other words, the Republicans are against the idea of getting the government involved in health care, because whatever the government touches becomes inefficient. Republicans realize that a public health care system would destroy private competition, and we would end up with a very bulky, inefficient, ineffective health care system.

Republicans want health care reform. They just want good health care reform. There are major problems in the health care system as it is. The Republicans have great solutions that are already being implemented at the state level with success, as I've mentioned in other posts. They have solutions. They aren't voting against the Democrats. They are voting against a horrible bill.

If the Democrats could do away with the filibuster option in legislation (as they conveniently want to do now that it's working against them) to block votes on bills, would Obama still be holding all of these bipartisan discussions? (We already know the answer, because we just need to look to a month ago before Scott Brown was elected.)

From now until the midterm elections, watch the Democrats frame everything in terms of "Republicans" instead of in terms of ideas. They will frame them out to be a voting block that will vote against everything Obama puts forward. And then they will purposely put forward bad (i.e. liberal) ideas, and when Republicans vote against it, it will be "Look -- They did it again. We just can't get anything constructive done with these 'I's in the American 'TEAM'".

This will be a very sensitive time for Republicans as the Democrats launch their strategic "Us vs. Them" assault. The Republicans obviously need to meet to try to get their good ideas out, but they have to realize they're walking right into a trap every time they do. The phrase "Wise as a serpent, yet harmless" comes to mind.

Republicans need to be very public about their good ideas. But then you will have Obama saying (as he did in their first meeting) that "bipartisanship" doesn't mean that one side gets all their ideas passed without any compromise and uses the example of "that's not the way it works with Michelle and I." (Maybe Obama needs to tell that to himself a month ago when they were trying to ram the health care bill through with no Republican input.) And that's exactly the way they'll frame it when the Republicans to put out their ideas -- "They just won't compromise."

There doesn't appear to be a good solution for Republicans. They simply don't have the numbers to get any of their good ideas for solving the nation's problems passed, but at the same time the Democrats truly are playing partisan politics and would never allow a Republican idea to be passed in case it might actually be successful, and how would that look for the Obama administration?

The next nine months will be interesting. But if there's one thing we can count on, just like the rising of the sun and the waves of the sea, it is that the Democrats will do what they promise and behave the same way regardless of the situation... right?